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New TV Ad on Cortez Masto’s Yearslong Fight Against Human Trafficking

Apr 29, 2022

Las Vegas, NV – Today, the Catherine Cortez Masto Campaign released a new TV ad featuring Amy Ayoub, a survivor of human trafficking, who shares her story and highlights Catherine Cortez Masto’s record taking on this crisis and getting results for survivors.

“There’s no one who’s done more than Catherine to fight sex trafficking in Nevada, and perhaps in all of America,” says Amy Ayoub. “Catherine doesn’t give up until she gets the job done. She’s a hero to me.”

Cortez Masto is a national leader in the fight to combat human trafficking. As attorney general, she was praised by Republican Governor Brian Sandoval for writing laws to increase penalties against sex traffickers in Nevada. In the Senate she has worked across the aisle to get critical legislation passed to crack down on online sex trafficking and to end the epidemic of missing, murdered, and trafficked Indigenous women, all of which were signed into law by President Trump.

Though Nevada faces a significant challenge with human trafficking, Cortez Masto continues to lead bipartisan legislation to combat trafficking on social media and in airports and major transit centers.

The new 60-second television ad’s transcript is below and you can view it here.

AMY AYOUB: I was only 18 years old when I first tried to escape my pimp. And when he caught me, I can’t describe the terror I felt. He kicked and beat me, and held me at knifepoint for two days, asking me repeatedly, ‘do you want me to kill you by stabbing you in the heart or by slicing your throat?’ It was a long time before I tried to get away again.

AMY: For too long, others have looked away, but Catherine Cortez Masto has made it her mission to do something about it. As Nevada’s Attorney General she wrote the law to strengthen penalties against traffickers and allow survivors to sue their captors. And in the Senate she led the fight to crack down on online sex trafficking.

AMY: The truth is there’s no one who’s done more than Catherine to fight sex trafficking in Nevada, and perhaps in all of America. Catherine doesn’t give up until she gets the job done, she’s a hero to me.

CATHERINE CORTEZ MASTO: I’m Catherine Cortez Masto and I approve this message.

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