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Adam Laxalt: A Corrupt Politician Nevadans Don’t Trust

Jun 14, 2022

Las Vegas, NV – Tonight, Adam Laxalt won his primary election against an unknown Republican thanks to $2 million in spending from Washington, DC special interest groups. The late spending to boost Laxalt and defeat his opponent is a clear sign that Nevadans don’t trust Laxalt and will reject him once again in November.

“Adam Laxalt is only out for himself, not Nevada, which is why he was overwhelmingly rejected in his last campaign,” said Cortez Masto campaign spokesman Josh Marcus-Blank. “He was a corrupt attorney general and he has become even worse since his failed campaign for governor, making millions working for a longtime Washington lobbyist that represents Big Oil companies squeezing Nevadans. Meanwhile, Senator Cortez Masto continues to focus on the issues that matter most to Nevadans, fighting to lower costs, and taking on those same companies.”

A lifelong Nevadan, Catherine Cortez Masto has a record of working with Democrats and Republicans, always delivering for her state.

That’s a strong contrast from Adam Laxalt, a corrupt politician who is out for himself – not Nevada.


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