By Catherine Cortez Masto

Why I’m Running

I’m running for re-election because you deserve a Senator who will cut through the gridlock and dysfunction in Washington and deliver real results for your family.

I’ll work with anyone — Democrats, Republicans, and Independents — to help Nevada's families succeed.
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Only two generations separate a baker born in Mexico and the first Latina elected to the United States Senate. The story of my family can be found in every corner of the Silver State. We didn’t come from money, but we were surrounded by food, family, and faith. Back then, hard work and determination were enough to provide a good life for your family. But today, it isn’t enough when special interests in Washington have taken priority over middle class families. 

We’ve done so much together to strengthen our economy, defend women and children, stand up for seniors, safeguard our public lands, and invest in clean energy. And I have fought again and again to make sure health care is more affordable for Nevadans. I was proud to cast my vote to save the Affordable Care Act, protecting Nevadans with pre-existing conditions and ensuring Nevadans had access to quality, affordable health care coverage. 


No economy was hit harder by the pandemic than Nevada’s. Thousands of Nevadans lost their livelihoods, and too many tragically lost their lives to COVID-19. This crisis demanded bold action to save our economy and help Nevada families — and that’s exactly what I worked to deliver. I secured desperately needed relief for Nevada’s middle class families, hospitals and small businesses, as well as funding to pay police, firefighters, and first responders. We sped up vaccine distribution and helped schools reopen safely and quickly. I also made sure Nevada’s tourism industry got more aid given the pandemic’s impact, and ensured 100% of COBRA health benefits were covered for unemployed or furloughed Nevadans. 


But you don’t need me to tell you that there’s a lot left to do. The pandemic exacerbated so many of the issues our country is facing: wages that don’t keep up with the cost of living, skyrocketing prescription drug prices, wildfires and smoke engulfing homes, drought affecting our water supply, crumbling infrastructure, insufficient housing, and so much more. To address historic challenges, Nevada needs an effective, independent fighter to make real progress and find real solutions — that’s who I am and who I’ll always be. 

The way I see it, we can and must allow Nevadans who work hard – and play by the rules – to have a chance to succeed. That’s why I’m proud to stand with Dreamers and continue to fight for comprehensive immigration reform — including a pathway to citizenship for these young people. 


We need to protect our democracy, stop billionaires from flooding our elections with dark money by overturning the Citizens United Supreme Court decision and make sure every American has access to the ballot box.

Our children and grandchildren cannot afford for us to wait any longer to address the climate crisis. It’s here, and if we want them to enjoy the beauty of Red Rock and Lake Tahoe, and have access to clean drinking water and air, then we have to act now. 

Women’s reproductive rights are under attack like never before. In the aftermath of the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade, I refuse to sit back while right-wing politicians work to turn back the clock on our rights and implement a federal abortion ban. I promise I will always fight for access to safe and legal abortion in Nevada and across the country. 

Middle class families were left behind while some in Washington put corporate special interests and the ultra-wealthy over workers, small businesses, and our families. Wall Street doesn’t need another tax cut, Nevadans do. 

That’s why I fight for Nevada. That’s why I’m running again. I have always put Nevada first, and with the challenges facing the Silver State and our country, we need someone in Washington who understands that Nevada is the first priority no matter what. 
Now that you know why I’m running, I want to personally ask for your support. Whether it’s making a donation, knocking on doors, registering voters, texting your friends and family, or voting — each of you can help make a difference in this campaign. Nevada’s future is on the line. I hope you’ll join me in fighting for it. 
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